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My Hot New Addiction

"You look FABULOUS! There's something different about you....What's going on?"

I smile and wink. And keep doing it. I'm hooked. Before long, I'm doing it in public. At the pool. Grocery shopping. Can people tell? Do they know? What would they say? Will they judge? In fact - I'm doing it RIGHT NOW.....

Clearly I'm talking about teeth whitening.

A few months ago I received an email asking me to try out Smile Brilliant teeth whitener. And, because I am the lamest blogger in the history of time, I ignored it. Despite the fact that I'm addicted to coffee and really need to brighten up these chompers and had discussed a $1,000 tooth whitening procedure with my dentist.

Bryan from Smile Brilliant reached out to me a second time. And yet again, like a complete jackass, I ignored it. Because I'm in way over my head in my life right now which is why one of my favorite things to do (blogging, duh) has taken a complete back burner in my life.

Then, ever so persistent, Bryan emailed again and made me laugh. Somehow, I always cave to people that make me laugh. And, here I am. With whiter teeth. (and blogging about 3 months later than I had promised...).

I received a big package in the mail with all the fixin's for this process. It's no joke. At first I thought I'd be getting a mouthpiece like I was getting ready to get my ass kicked in rugby. But you actually get the materials to get custom fitted trays for the desensitizing and whitening gels like you'd get at the dentist office. You mush it all together and make play-doh to squish over your teeth. Then you send it off to Smile Brilliant and a few days later you get your very own retainer style package with the trays.

As someone who has a very difficult time with getting x-rays at the dentist, I was a little worried about having these trays in my mouth. But, they send you desensitizing gel that makes it completely easy. You just put the desensitizing gel in, chill for an hour or so (ok, I'm impatient so I kept these in for 20 minutes) then put the whitening gel into the trays and go about your business.

I noticed a difference in ONE session. Now, that's the kind of time I can commit to. Over the next few weeks I used the trays once a week. It was easiest to do when I had to be at swim practice for an hour and a half with the girls. My speech was slightly slurred - but otherwise no one could tell!

Before (random picture)

After one session
After a few sessions - WITH THE TRAYS ON! See how clear they are and how white my teeth are!
(And no foundation on. Eesh. The things we do for blogging) And I need to wear lipstick. 
Anyway - I've whitened about 7 times over the past few months. You can whiten more frequently, but like I said, I have commitment issues. In just a few sessions I can honestly see a difference. And, the desensitizing gel is great for those of you with sensitive teeth.

Here's the actual ad for real information. 

And this is their site. If you want whiter teeth, that you can fit into your busy life - here's a great (and very affordable) option for you. This is entirely my opinion. I was not compensated for the post - just given the trays and the gels.

You don't have to give up your love affair with coffee - but you'll look like you did!

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