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Fun Ways to Decorate a Kid's Room

When it comes to interior decorating, few places offer the opportunity for fun and whimsy that a child's bedroom does. No colour, no theme, almost nothing is too strange if it creates a comfortable space where kids can play and express their creativity.

A child's bedroom is so much more than just a place to sleep. It's a place to colour and imagine, to hide from siblings and to play with friends. With that in mind, there are many fun ways to create a child-friendly space with room to learn and grow. Instead of a bed, why not build a loft to put the mattress on, creating a play area underneath? The space that results is perfect for building blanket forts. Plenty of shelves or netting on the walls create a storage space for books and toys, and child-sized chairs or beanbag cushions make a comfortable place to sit down.

When it comes to painting, the options range from classic neutrals to fun brights - why not let the kids decide the colour for the walls? Older children can even help paint. Having a single accent wall that can be painted without moving everything around allows frequent colour changes as kids’ interests shift. Special effect paints such as chalkboard paint can really shine in a child's bedroom, creating a space where drawing on the walls is not only okay, it's actually encouraged. And speaking of drawing, why not hang some of the child's artwork in a fun frame on the wall?

Keeping a child's room clean can be a challenge, so make sure to find fun ways to design easy storage options that even small children can use. A simple duvet on the mattress makes it easier for kids to make their own beds, while kid-friendly hooks make it easy for them to hang up their own clothes. The laundry bin could become an animal that needs to be fed dirty laundry every evening, while under the bed storage could double as protection from the scary monsters that otherwise lurk there. Removable mattress covers and easy-care fabrics make clean up of spills and accidents much easier, and are available in a wide array of fun colours and patterns.

Whether following a theme or just keeping it fun and letting children pick everything out, decorating a kids room is an opportunity for fun and creative expression.

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  1. This is a great article! Very creative ideas and excellent writing! I would enjoy seeing some pictures that illustrate your points but that's just a suggestion. Keep up the great posts - I'll definitely keep reading your blog!


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