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Holy Cow. I've Written Something.

It takes someone special to pull me from my writing hiatus. I never meant to actually stop writing - it just kind of happened. Life got in the way. Not an excuse, more like an explanation. Anyway one of my special friends with whom I had the pleasure to perform in the Listen to your Mother San Francisco show asked me to join her blog hop.  So, here I am.

I have been instructed to answer several questions about my writing (which hasn't happened of late). So, I am answering the questions that Francie asked on her blog Shoezle.

Here I am with Gina (center) and Francie (right)
 moments before we become super famous divas
on the Listen to your Mother tour stop in San Francisco.
Ok, not really "famous". But it's my story to embellish. 

My writing is EXTREMELY rusty but a promise is a promise...

Why do you write like you do?
Smart asses need a place to spew the comments that bounce around the cerebellum in a manner that won't lead them to jail or a slab at the morgue. I began writing because people kept telling me that they would read what I had to say because they enjoyed my snippets of life with my very active and loquacious children. Then people actually LIKED what I wrote - which was truly shocking to me. The vignettes of my life kept people returning to my blog - which fuels my inner narcissist like pop rocks in an energy drink!

Well then, why the heck have you stopped????
I went back to work in August. Teaching Spanish to 175 teenagers pretty much saps every ounce of my creative juices. That coupled with raising two children and maintaining status quo in life....well....nothing was left to put onto the internets that anyone would actually want to read. Pure drivel would have abounded from this corner of my world.

How does your writing process work?
Things make me laugh. I comment on them. That's pretty much it. There's no magic or mystery to the process.  If you know me, you tell me "Oh my gosh I can totally picture you saying that" because I write almost verbatim as to how I speak. No writing classes have ever been involved. No author groups or critique clubs or anything that would potentially improve my abilities. Just my whacked out brain and a laptop that doesn't really want to function with me these days.

What are you working on?
Honestly, I'm painting the bathrooms. I finally finished the school year and have a to-do list that's bigger than I can run and jump over. So I'm strapping on a pair of DIY shoes (courtesy of Pinterest) and am trying to brighten up my abode. Then I'm going to try to plan a killer year for my high school kids all while having a rockin' summer with my little girlies.

Dumbass, I meant with writing. 
Oh. Duh.  I have a few ideas for books in my gray matter. Other than that it's just lists about lists about what I need and want to accomplish before I go back to school in August.

Ok - enough about me. Here are some kick ass bloggers to get to know (if I was a good listener I would have included a bio for each of them. But that would have required prior planning and...yeah...I suck).

Dani @ Suburbia Interrupted. She's smart, sassy and far braver than I with her content. You will enjoy her stuff. Promise.

Molley @ A Mother Life. She hails from Down Under and lives the NYC lifestyle now. She's hilarious and brazen and I love her to pieces for it.

Gina @ SAHM's The Word She gave birth to the doppelgangers of my children. God help her....

Ok, thanks Francie for pulling me out of my writer's coma.  Hopefully I can get the muse out of her vacation mode and back into the blogging world.


  1. I think writing everyday is over rated. Sometimes you need a hiatus so you have something to write about. Painting those bathrooms may be just the thing you need.

  2. I missed you!! Fuck you bathroom; come back to the blog!

  3. Well hello stranger! Welcome back to the fray, we've missed you. Oh and thanks for the shout out ;)

  4. Just discovering your blog (a bit too late it seems!) : I hope you'll start writing properly again!


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