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Elf on the Shelf - Your High Maintenance Guest

I have finally begun to see the light at the end of the pile of correcting - finals are next week. So last night began the joy of decorating the tree for Christmas. And the bottom 3' of the tree looks....shiny.  And very weighted down by every single ornament we own and even a few things that aren't traditionally considered ornaments. As I look on Pinterest and pretend that the stuff I pin would actually show up at our house - I see all these Elf on the Shelf overachievers.

Trash your house and blame it on the elf?

Switch all the clothing out of one closet and put it into another closet - Elf again.

Ate all the coconut chocolate dipped Oreos and blamed it on the elf? Fine, that was me.

Here's a more realistic look of my relationship with my Elf on the Shelf on In The Powder Room:

How about you? EOTS aficionado or Love/Hate Relationship?


  1. Does that creepy elf sing "Don't worry be happy?" Or, was that creepy fish?

  2. I was on the fence about the elf before seeing your picture, but now I am emphatically anti-elf.


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