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Guns and Buns

It is amazing my husband and I get along as well as we do.  We are so different from each other about so many things. This morning he is telling me about the dream he had last night. The majority of his dreams are about guns, fighting, dirt bikes, motorcycles and boy stuff.  Last night's was no different:

"So, then these guys break into our house.  I grab my Glock and head downstairs... I head them off  (blah blah violence, fight scene, victorious husband)."

My response:  "Sounds a lot like mine.  Except in my dream I put my hair into a sock bun.  And it worked on the first try!  I had a beautiful, thick looking bun instead of my usual white trash, scraggly hair."
He says: "You had a dream about putting a sock in your hair?"
Me: "Yup. To make a bun."
Him: "Like a sweat sock?"

Me: "No, a dark one that  matches my hair."

Him:  "That's what you dream about? Putting a sock in your hair?  Man.  Even your dreams are wussy."

As a side note - I tried out a sock bun this morning and it WORKED!  At least only one of our dreams are coming true....

As a second post script - my Hallmark-Moment husband informed me that my sock bun looks like a "cornhole on the back of my head." 


  1. Shannon Thannhauser6/05/2012

    LOVE the sock bun! We rock it out for ballet recitals... and all the other kids and moms talk about how perfect Hannah's bun is... Makes me feel all pinteresting for a few minutes!

  2. I love it! I have done it a few times now and they are starting to look much smoother. I can't believe you're a "recital mom" now! ;)


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